Stabilization of fibers against the ultraviolet (UV) light is a very challenging subject. Fabric structure, fiber denier, colorant types and finishing processes have all significant impacts on UV stabilization of fibers and therefore all these parameters should be well controlled. Setas has both highly experienced human resources and the necessary infrastructure to achieve the targeted UV stabilization. The company has a well-equipped technology center having pilot plant capabilities to fabricate final articles and weathering instruments to check the long term UV performance. Setas offers to her customers specifically designed additives for PES, PA6, and PP based fibers and spunbond nonwovens. Setas additive masterbatches have proven performance in terms of processing and long term UV stabilization. Setas offers tailor-made solutions for specific requirements. Rather than offering just masterbatches, Setas cooperates with her customers from product design to performance testing. Setas has several UV weatherometers and give testing services to her customers as well.

  • Setas  offers UV stabilization for PET, PA6 and PP fibers
  • Setas  gives following UV weathering test services to customers : ISO 105 B02, ISO 105 B04, ISO 105 B06 and ISO 105 B010
  • Setas Technology Center is equipped with UV weathering instruments such as Atlas Xenotest 150S, Atlas Ci 3000+ and QUV








Strength Loss after Weathering Test ISO 105 B04 (POLYESTER UV: PES 1015 UV)








Strength Loss after Weathering Test ISO 105 B04 (POLYAMIDE UV: PA 4001 UV)








Strength Loss after Weathering Test ISO 105 B04 (POLYPROPYLENE UV: PP 2044UV)



UV Stabilizers for Fibers