• Setas offers high-performance UV stabilizers for BOPET films for outdoor applications.
  • Setas has an extensive technology center to test the outdoor performance of final articles. Setas has Atlas 3000+, Atlas 150s and QUV testing devices for outdoor performances.
  • Setas offers two different products for BOPET UV applications:
    1. PES 1065 UV
    2. PES 1034 UV
  • Setas cooperate with her partners to offer the right product and gives also performance testing services.


PES 1065 UV


  • Prevents inks fading on the pack
  • Excellent weather durability and aging protection
  • Prevents UV light ray damages on the product


  • Preserve the freshness, color and aesthetic appearance
  • Increases the shelf life of the food. For ex: meat, oil etc.
  • Protects inks against fading under UV light and allows the use of cost effective inks
  • Fiber and glass fiber reinforced packaging
  • Solar control films


PES 1034 UV


  • Triazine based technology
  • Very high intrinsic viscosity level of the MB. IV is 1,0 dL/gr (excluding the additive content)
  • High absorption of UV radiation
  • Excellent weather durability and aging protection
  • Prevents UV light damages on the product


  • Outdoor technical applications
  • PV panels
  • Solar control films



% Transmission curves of the films after 1000 hours weathering (between 280-400 nm)

Films are 12 micron and Film 1 contains 5 wt% PES 1065 UV

(Data measured with Shimadzu UV 3600 Spectrophotometer )




BOPET Films after 1000 hours of testing ISO 105 B04  (ATLAS Ci3000)


PET film produced with PES 1065 UV


PET without additive