Thermoformed items and plastic sheets need slip antiblock additives to avoid undesirable adhesion. Masterset slip/antiblock masterbatches reduce adhesion and the coefficient of friction together, deep drawing is carried out cleanly and smoothly. The undesirable adhesion of extruded foil during rolling and unrolling is minimized and deep drawn items are easily denested without scuffing or damage to their outer surface.

What we Offer

Setas offers slip and antiblock masterbatches to reduce the surface friction of extruded film and cut sheet under the brand name of Masterset. Masterset slip/antiblock masterbatches are available for PET, PETG, PA based films and sheets. Typical applications are plastic cups and containers, thermoformed or deep-drawn food trays. Masterset Slip/Antiblock Masterbatches are used very low rates to achieve the targeted antiblocking and surface friction while deteriorating the haze level in minumum extent. 

PES 1043 AB: Highly concentrated slip antiblock Masterbatch for deep drawn applications for  APET sheet

PES 1070 AB : Highly concentrated crystallized slip antiblock Masterbatch for deep drawn applications for  APET sheet

PES 1078 AB : Highly concentrated PETG  slip antiblock Masterbatch for blister applications

PES 1278 AB : Low haze slip antiblock Masterbatch for shallow drawn applications

PES 1286  AB : Slip antiblock Masterbatch for better printability

PES 1295 Process Aid : Promotes the liquid (for ex. Silicone) adhesion to the film surface for a uniform coating




Please consult with Setas product Technologist to select the right additive for your application.

Slip Antiblock Masterbatches