• Setas offers both migrating and permanent antistatic solutions for BOPET films.
  • PES 1062 and PES 1306 masterbatches are migrating antistatic additives for BOPET application. The products comply with European and US legislations for food packaging materials.


The above pictures show films containing % 5 Masterset PES 1062 and PET film without any additive. While the film containing Masterset PES 1062 does not attract cigarette ashes, the PET film attracts significantly. In addition, while the water drops on films containing % 5 Masterset PES 1062 films completely spread, water droplets on PET film gives 70⁰ contact angle.


  • PES 1321 AS is a permanent non-migrating type antistatic additive, the surface resistivity value of the final film is not humidity dependent.
  • It is possible to achieve the surface resistivity values of 7x10⁷ ohm/sq with PES 1321 AS.
Antistatic Masterbatch for BOPET