• Masterset PP 2074 lowers the surface energy of the fabric and provides oil and water repellency to PP nonwovens.
  • Masterset PP 2074 addition into the polypropylene nonwowen allows the material to store more charges and increases the adsorption capacity of electric charges in meltblown non-wovens.
  • Masterset PP 2074 can be used  in spunbond applications for oil & alcohol/water repellency. Due to low temperature stability of the additive, it is recommended that Masterset PP 2074 should be processed  under 250 °C.

Depending on the application, the following surface properties could be achieved:

Water/Alcohol Repellency AATCC 193 : >7 on PP nonwoven

Oil Repellency AATCC 118 : 2+ on PP nonwoven

Alcohol/Water Repellent Additive Nonwovens